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Light weight, affordable, and easy to use

• Firmly holds wrist, arm, or ankles

High impact 350lbs tensile strength nylon

Easy release with standard handcuff key

Ideal for riot or civil disorder situations

Used by Police, SWAT, and US Military
Greater officer safety and flexibility

The KeyCuff™ is the first reusable nylon restraint system on the market. Developed by security experts in the USA, KeyCuff significantly reduces the cost of using disposable restraints. It has been used, tested, and proven by professionals all over the world since 1996. In the first hours of captivity, a prisoner may require their disposables cut off over 5 times! Some of the advantages of the KeyCuff are easy release with a standard handcuff key, adjustable size, and reusable up to 20 times. Regularly used by Law enforcement agencies, police departments, and correctional facilities everywhere. The KeyCuff was deployed by the US military for use by troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and other critical regions.

No more cutting and throwing away restraints that are too tight!


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KEYCUFF products are only sold to approved Specialty Dealers, Law Enforcement and Government agencies. They are not available to the general public.




Single KeyCuff Restraint (KC-1)

The Key-Cuff ™ is manufactured from a high-impact, high-tensile strength engineered polymer. In addition to its strength, this Restraint is also lightweight, allowing easy concealment with the capability to carry many at a time. Applied in a normal manner, the KeyCuff is easily adjusted once in place. For easy removal, simply use a standard handcuff key. NO DANGEROUS CUTTING TOOL IS NEEDED! Length: 21 inches, Width: .35 inches. Supplied in Tactical Black color. Other colors available by special order.

Unit Price: $2.98 + S&H (Minimum order of 12 pieces in package)


Double KeyCuff Restraint (KC-2)

The DOUBLE KEY-CUFF ™ consists of two Key-Cuff ™ straps attached with a special connector that releases with a standard handcuff key. The connector has THREE holes in it to allow the officer maximum flexibility and ease of use. You can put a third KeyCuff™ through the middle hole to better control a prisoner or use some other device. Because they are all plastic you can use DOUBLE KEY-CUFF ™ in water situations, like showers or marine operations without fear of rust. Available in tactical Black color for maximum concealment. Other colors available by special order. Length: 21 inches, Width: .35 inches .

Unit Price: $6.56 +S&H (minimum order of 6 pieces in package)


Small HandCuff Keys (KEY-S)

Handcuff keys are universal for the most part, the majority of handcuff keys are the same so this key will work on 97% of the handcuffs in the world. This small short black handcuff key is made out of high quality materials and contains the punch on the back as well as a keyring.

Unit Price: $1.75 + S&H (minimum order of 12 pieces in package)


Single Keycuff Caddy (TK-716)

This specially designed Caddy can hold a bundle of Keycuffs on your side for easy use in demanding situations. It eliminates the need to store the keycuff in pockets or pouches. The Keycuff caddy will automatically tighten during use and can hold from a single Keycuff up to a bundle of 30. It has a sturdy belt clip that rotates to allow movements without interference. Ideal for use in riots and mass demonstration situations where rapid and numerous deployment of restraints are required.


Unit Price: $24.95 + S&H

Tactical Door Viewer (TV-1718)

tactical viewer

The Tactical Door Viewer TV-1718 is ideal for law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams use in surveillance and covert operations to reverse the view of the peephole on the door. By assessing potential threats and activity inside a house before entering, it could reduce negative or lethal consequences in a tactical operation. This sophisticated unit is built with high quality multi-coated optical glass lenses and BAK-4 prism design. It features adjustable eyepiece focusing, winged soft eyecup, tactical black rubberized finishing for easy grip, ultra compact pocket size, and light weight. Includes lanyard, black nylon protective case, front rubber lens protector. Winged Eye Guard is optional.

Unit Price: $79.95 +S&H


KeyCuff Restraint System (KCR-4)

The KeyCuff Restraint System™ uses the patented KeyCuff Restraint and a new nylon webbing system. Two KeyCuffs™ Restrain the hands while two more KeyCuffs attach to the legs and connecting straps. The connecting straps are a heavy duty nylon with a breaking strength over 2000 pounds. One strap restrains the legs while the other strap connects the hands to the leg strap. Prisoners cannot run. They can only just walk. The hands are restrained by the connector between the legs and hands. This is a very flexible system for all kinds of transport and immobilization needs used by the military for prisoners in the field.

Length: 37 inches long. Comes with 3 D Rings for adjusting strap. Also comes with D rings for attaching KeyCuffs to hands and feet. System includes 5 KeyCuffs.

Unit Price: $60.00 + S&H

Cuff Mitts Level1 (CM-1)

Designed to enclose the hands in a secure mitt to immobilize them. The CuffMitt is made of high strength nylon material (1000 Denier) and comes with a KeyCuff™ restraint and a metal ring. Wrists should be restrained by KeyCuffs or handcuffs before placing the CuffMitt on the suspect. Once securely placed over the hands the Cuff Mitt is secured by tightening the KeyCuff™ restraint. With the design of the Cuff Mitt, it is almost impossible to grab a gun and fire it. The bulkiness of the material helps prevent this.
The KeyCuff™ supplied is black.

Unit Price: $31.00 +S&H


Cuff Mitts Level2 (CM-2)

Made of high strength nylon material (1000 Denier). KeyCuff Mitt Level II has all the features and benefits of Level I plus a control strap on the end and a plastic window for prisoner information. All Cuff Mitt products come in black, olive drab, sand, camouflage, and orange.

Unit Price: $42.00 + S&H


Cuff Mitts Level3 (CM-3)

Made of high strength nylon material (1000 Denier). This is the most secure Cuff Mitt. All features and benefits of Level II plus the mitt is larger to enclose and immobilize hands, wrists and forearms by using a KeyCuff strap to tighten over the wrists and a hook and loop strap to tighten over the forearms. This is for the most dangerous prisoners and offers the officers maximum control. With the hook and loop strap the forearms are immobilized giving maximum control of prisoners. All Cuff Mitt products come in black, olive drab, sand, camouflage, and orange.

Unit Price: $54.00 + S&H


All Prices are quoted in USD for shipping in USA and Canada

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